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New Graduates’ Funny Job Interview Bloopers

Each spring and summer, thousands of college graduates spill into the workforce.  Unfortunately, many recent college grads find themselves uneducated and ill-prepared for the interview process, making avoidable mistakes and committing interview hara-kiri without understanding how or why.

A hiring manager at a local tech company asked me to write an article for recent college graduates who need help with interviewing basics.   It was prompted by this doozy….

A recent grad in his early 20’s came into an interview wearing so much cologne it overtook the conference room!  Not the best first impression.  Fortunately, none of the interviewers were allergic to the […]

Is Your Resume Recruiter Friendly?

It’s no secret that your resume is your most important professional document, and the key to your career success.  A good resume opens doors for you.  A not-so-good resume will keep you out of the game entirely.

But how do you to stand out in a sea of qualified applicants and catch the attention of a recruiter, headhunter or other human resources?

What’s the Recruiter Friendly Test and will your resume pass?

A recruiter’s job is to identify, attract and land the best talent available for their clients and companies.  Headhunters* are under pressure to do their job with speed and accuracy.  Resumes are […]

Network: Whether You Want To or Not

“Networking is people looking for people looking for people.” Jarod Kintz

In today’s world, we increasingly network from a distance through email and our ever-expanding social media platforms.  While this kind of “networking” has been a great equalizer for individuals and companies both large and small, there is NO substitute for being there in-person.  There are an endless number of networking opportunities: professional meetings, conferences, receptions and parties, events and more. All of these opportunities can be found in your community, you just have to keep an eye out for them.
But why bother with networking?
Networking is the fastest and easiest method […]

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Are You Ready for Your Job Interview?


The demand for top talent will remain high throughout the remainder of the year. “The consensus is recruiters, hiring managers and small businesses are gearing up for a robust second half of 2014” reports Matt Krumrie in a recent ZipRecruiter post.

This is great news for job seekers, especially if your goal is to find your dream job this year. Assuming your qualifications land you an interview, how do you clinch the deal?

The candidates who get the most job-offers are the ones who are the best prepared. When you can demonstrate you understand your prospective employer’s needs, you’re in the perfect […]

Career-Killing Wardrobe Disasters – Are You Guilty?

Career-Killing Wardrobe Disasters – Are You Guilty? What you wear to work depends on your industry, company, geographic region and the activities you have planned for the day. Most image consultants and corporate executives agree that there are basic standards that everyone should follow.

Here is a list of 15 “looks” that are never a good idea in the office…
(…do NOT make these mistakes!)

Are Cover Letters… Hot? Not?

Congratulations! You’ve done due diligence and found the perfect job opening to fit your spectacular skill set and professional passion.

If you’re like most job seekers, your next step is to fill in the on-line job application, and cut and paste your rock star resume into place. Before you hit “submit” you might wonder, (Do I need a cover letter, too?)

7 Toughest Interview Questions 

And How to Answer them…
1. What salary are you looking for?

Always cite a realistic salary. Look the interviewer in the eye, state the number and stop talking.  Never lie about your current salary. Some companies include salary verification as a part of their standard background checks.  If the number you cite is different from the one they discover, your credibility is shot and so are your chances for the position.   If you believe you are underpaid and therefore looking for a sizable pay increase, state the reason and add that you will seriously consider their best offer.

2. Where do you […]

SEO (Search Engine Optimize) Your Resume so It Gets the Attention You Deserve

SEO your resume! But how? One of the most common active job seeker questions is “How do I write a resume so that it survives the electronic eyes of an Applicant Tracking System ?” Considering that over 90% of large companies use an ATS, which typically screens out 50% of the resumes within 24 hours, it’s not surprising job seekers are finding ways to avoid rejection from that grim robotic reaper.

Yet, as a recruiter with over 20 years of industry experience, my first answer to that question is contrarian.   Some consider it downright SHOCKING. Just DON’T do it!

Sending your resume […]

Mastering the Telephone Interview

Seven Steps to Screen You In, Not Out
Telephone Interview – Key to IT Success

Telephone interviews are on the rise these days because companies are under pressure to do more with less and they are trying to cope with the ever increasing stream of resumes.

Telephone interviews are a way for companies to quickly determine which candidates warrant more time, attention and consideration.

Master the telephone interview and you will significantly improve your odds at landing your next position.
Step 1. Be on time. Phone interviews are scheduled by appointment, so treat it like an in-person interview and be on time.

Step 2. Select a quiet place and use a land line (if possible). No barking dogs or noisy kids in the background. You want silence and privacy. Close the door to the room and answer the phone yourself. Wear a headset to free your hands for taking notes. Land-lines are preferred over cell phones for consistency and quality of the connection.

Step 3. Do your homework. Study the job description and the company website. Anticipate questions; write them down along with your answers. Have your resume, your questions and a pad of paper in […]

10 Steps for Flawless Informational Interviews

Informational Interview (How?)
The last post shared the “what and why” of an informational interview.  Here you will learn the “how.”

1) Prepare ahead.  Make a list of questions that are appropriate and important to you.  Do some research on the industries and companies within them that you’d like to pursue.  Jigsaw, LinkedIn and Zoom Info are great, free tools to identify industries, companies and contacts.

2) Schedule your appointment.  Most requests are made on the phone.  It is also appropriate to send a letter.  Confirm your appointment the day before.

3) Do your homework.  Research the company website so that you can ask relevant questions about the company, the individual and about their industry.

A handwritten note: a nice touch for IT Job Seekers.

4) What to bring with you:  a notebook or pad of paper, your resume, your business card, your list of questions.

5) Dress appropriately.  Dress as though you would for any professional interview.

6) Be prepared to take notes, write down names, phone numbers and email addresses.

7) Be enthusiastic and show interest.  Give a solid […]

Informational Interviews (What & Why)

What is an Informational Interview?
Informational Interviews, Key to Your Career in IT

Informational Interviews are explorations about career paths, how  to break into a field. These highly focused conversations last 20 to 30 minutes, and are designed to provide you with information to boost or launch your  career. They allow you to “‘try on’ an industry, company, or job to see if it ‘fits'” before you join.

It makes sense to talk to people in the field you want to pursue – but most people never do. They miss out on one of the  most underutilized networking tools available today. One article recently claimed that while 1 in 200 – 1500 resumes result in a job offer, 1 in 12 informational interviews result in an offer.
Why they work:
Generally, people love to talk about themselves. An informational interview gives them […]