Referral Program

Level I
Everyone who refers a qualified candidate* that is accepted by me will Cash in on the Coffee Connection and receive a Starbucks gift card.

Level II:
When a qualified referred candidate* accepted by me is placed by me within six months of referral, a 3-figure bonus is paid!  Your friend gets a fabulous new job and you, the referring friend, get some celebration cashola.How it works:
A Qualified Candidate* must be  currently employed,  they must be a rockstar and have a stable work history.If they meet the above criteria and are not currently active in my database, I will accept them and you get a Starbucks gift card.If I place a Qualified Candidate* with one of my clients within 6 months of referral, you get a 3-figure bonus.  You can refer yourself.
The person you refer may not be right for one of the positions listed but there are a lot of things bubbling and when the right candidate comes up, the job will appear.

To refer a friend, it’s easy, just drop us a line.