Are Cover Letters… Hot? Not?

Congratulations! You've done due diligence and found the perfect job opening to fit your spectacular skill set and professional passion. Do I need to do a cover letter, too? If you're like most job seekers, your next step is to fill in the on-line job application, and cut and paste your rock star resume into place. Before you hit "submit" you might wonder, (Do I need a cover letter, too?)

SEO (Search Engine Optimize) Your Resume so It Gets the Attention You Deserve

Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Resume SEO your resume! But how? One of the most common active job seeker questions is "How do I write a resume so that it survives the electronic eyes of an Applicant Tracking System [ATS]?" Considering that over 90% of large companies use an ATS, which typically screens out 50% of the resumes within 24 hours, it's not surprising job seekers are finding ways to avoid rejection from that grim robotic reaper. Yet, as a recruiter with over 20 years of industry experience, my first answer to that question is contrarian.   Some consider [...]

12 Resume Writing Tips – Sins to avoid?

Resume Writing Sins: Are You Guilty? #12 Avoid Lies and Exaggeration Every smart professional knows an updated resume is a key growth and career management tool. When opportunity knocks for promotions, when their job suddenly evaporates or when a recruiter comes calling, they are ready. Unfortunately, many smart professionals have no idea if their resume sucks or not. With that in mind, check the resume writing tips below. Using the following checklist, where does your resume stand on the suckiness scale? Does your resume commit any of these terrible 12 sins? A 12-Step Resume Triage Checklist 1. [...]

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The 10 Second Test

Will YOUR Resume pass? 6 Vital Tips Resume Writing Tips Keep it short! Initially, Human Resources personnel spend approximately 10 to 20 seconds on a resume, so the shorter your resume, the more desirable it is. Aim for one page. Of course, it is not always possible to create a short resume, especially if you have a great deal of relevant information about your work experience or accomplishments.  If that is the case, list the most relevant and important information within the upper half of the first page so that it will be noticed immediately. Spelling, Spelling, [...]