When it comes to your coronavirus and your career, Ladders’ CEO Marc Cenedella offers some sage advice:

“Like most pandemics… you need to be aware it can take a toll on your career.’

“This time around, put whatever feelings of panic you might have to good use. Use them to spur yourself into action now.” 

7 Covid-19 Career Essentials:

Mastering Your Virtual Presence for Your Job Today & Tomorrow

For many of us, as social distancing shifts rapidly from optional to required, what work is getting done is likely to happen remotely, whether that’s virtual or work from home (WFM). If your career aspirations at end this pandemic go beyond knowing the best sit-com lines from binge-watching, here’s your action plan. 

  1. What You Need to Know About Working from Home

Or –scoring points means more than binge-watching “Stranger Things.” Do you want to keep your job? Or is this the time to land a better one? Here’s what do you need to know and do to make your WFH mark.

  1. Research Your Next Job

Your employer may not survive this recession. Even if they do, this is the perfect time to consider your career strategy.

  1. Network – You Can Still Do It Virtually
  1. Buff Up Your LinkedIn Profile
  1. Revamp Your Resume
  1. Clean Up Your Social Media
    This is a good time to review and clean up your social media presence. Remove any party-hardy shots and polarizing political statements. If your image is anything short of 100% “hirable” change it. Now.
  2. If You’re Really Making Headway – How to Out-Interview Your Competition

Need A Little Inspiration?

You can flounder in uncertainty or you can focus on what you can control. If you need a little help getting focused, maybe this is the perfect time to get some career coaching. Let’s get started with a free 15-minute discovery session.

Beat the blues with the right beat:

Check out this coronavirus-inspired playlist, starting with The Police’s “Don’t stand so close to me.”

On a more serious note, stay safe.

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