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Roadmap to Your Dream Job

Roadmap to Your Dream Job Roadmap To Your Dream Job There’s this little lie most of us tell ourselves about our careers –“Everything is ok.”  We tell ourselves that even if we don’t love our job, if we just keep plugging away, we’ll have nothing to worry about.  The truth however is -- whether we choose to admit it or not, even if we love our job -- the one thing we can count on is change.  Long gone are the days of our parents or grandparents, who spent their entire work life with a single employer, doing [...]

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Surefire Tips for Email Response

Surefire Tips for Email Response Surefire Tips for Email Response Do you get far more email than you can process? Odds are your boss, the hiring manager or whomever you are sending your important email to gets as much or more. What does it take to get your email seen, read, and responded to?  When do attention-getting email antics backfire?   These email tips will help in getting the response you're hoping for. Email – 7 Golden Rules (Beyond the Basics) Consider the purpose of your communication before you begin. Know what you want your recipient to do or know [...]

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Guest Post: Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language?

Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language? Guest Post: By Joy Overstreet, Portland’s personal color analyst Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language? Try this quick thought experiment: think of the color red. What adjectives, associations or symbols come to mind when you think of red? Did you think of passion, courage, valentines, anger, blood, energy, a politician’s tie? No doubt you came up with other associations as well. Why does color matter to someone seeking career advancement? Color matters because human beings respond strongly to color, though usually it’s at a subconscious level. The good news is [...]

What 2017’s Hot Job Market Means to You

What 2017's Hot Job Market Means to You By now you’ve read articles like this (Glassdoor 2017 Job Trends) and this (40% of employers plan to hire full-time permanent employees in 2017). Bottom line -- the hiring outlook for 2017 is the best it’s been in a decade, in most cases, across the board. What does that mean to you going forward? Considering a new job with better advancement and more money? Wondering if you should? You Are In the Driver Seat Wage gains are finally outstripping inflation after a long period of flat to weak wage [...]

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What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Interviewing? What are your salary expectations. Interviewing?  Get the Salary You Deserve.  The interview’s just about over.  You’ve done well, you think.  Your heartbeat’s slowly returning to normal.  Your interviewer’s glanced at their watch, and is packing up their notes.  You follow their cue. They pause, cock their head, look you straight in the eye while at the same time feigning a casual approach.  You know what’s coming next.  It’s that dreaded, seemingly innocent but in reality often a final make-or-break question.… “What are your salary expectations for this job?” […]

Is Your Resume Recruiter Friendly?

It’s no secret that your resume is your most important professional document, and the key to your career success.  A good resume opens doors for you.  A not-so-good resume will keep you out of the game entirely. But how do you to stand out in a sea of qualified applicants and catch the attention of a recruiter, headhunter or other human resources? Is my resume recruiter friendly? What's the Recruiter Friendly Test and will your resume pass? A recruiter's job is to identify, attract and land the best talent available for their clients and companies.  Headhunters* are under pressure [...]

Networking for Introverts: Paradox Not Oxymoron

Networking for Introverts: Paradox Not Oxymoron We’ve discussed that networking is critical to one’s professional success (Network Whether You Want To Or Not), but for some of us, the mere thought of entering a room full of strangers makes our stomach turn, our head hurt, and leads to a strong desire to run home to be alone with our thoughts.  If this sounds even a little bit like you, you’re not alone.  You’re not doomed to professional failure.  Research shows 30 to 50% of the population has introverted tendencies and you’re probably somewhere in that percentage of the population. The good [...]

Network: Whether You Want To or Not

Networking: Your Key to Professional Success “Networking is people looking for people looking for people.” Jarod Kintz In today’s world, we increasingly network from a distance through email and our ever-expanding social media platforms.  While this kind of “networking” has been a great equalizer for individuals and companies both large and small, there is NO substitute for being there in-person.  There are an endless number of networking opportunities: professional meetings, conferences, receptions and parties, events and more. All of these opportunities can be found in your community, you just have to keep an eye out for them. But [...]

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Qualified. Interviewed. Rejected. Why?

They told me I was the most qualified for the job but they didn’t hire me. Why? The One Secret to Interview Success Chances are you missed the one secret ingredient to interview success. Rapport: The Secret to Interview Success What happened? Or didn’t? Have you noticed some people have a knack for connecting? They always seem to be heard in meetings, liked by their peers, subordinates and bosses. And, they always seem to land the job of their dreams. You want to hate them, but they’re just so darned likeable. Is their secret sauce really such a [...]

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Are You Ready for Your Job Interview?

Newsflash Are you ready for your job interview? The demand for top talent will remain high throughout the remainder of the year. “The consensus is recruiters, hiring managers and small businesses are gearing up for a robust second half of 2014” reports Matt Krumrie in a recent ZipRecruiter post. This is great news for job seekers, especially if your goal is to find your dream job this year. Assuming your qualifications land you an interview, how do you clinch the deal? The candidates who get the most job-offers are the ones who are the best prepared. When you [...]

Career-Killing Wardrobe Disasters – Are You Guilty?

Fine for play. For work? Not okay! Career-Killing Wardrobe Disasters – Are You Guilty? What you wear to work depends on your industry, company, geographic region and the activities you have planned for the day. Most image consultants and corporate executives agree that there are basic standards that everyone should follow. Here is a list of 15 “looks” that are never a good idea in the office... ( NOT make these mistakes!)

Hot job market but you’re unemployed? (Or you know someone who is?)

NEWSFLASH   Hot job market, but unemployed... It's not just your imagination; hiring's happening again. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics confirms:  Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 288,000 The unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage point to 6.3 percent in April 2014. Even the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) declined.  That's fantastic news for most of us here in the US. However, those statistics can be especially disheartening to anyone, who for one reason or another, find themselves still without a job... recent college graduates, company reorganization, out-sourcing, laid-off or fired, [...]

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