Telecommuting – community, tools and communication

Telecommuting -- community, tools, and communication Telecommuting – community, tools and communication The talent war is real. Increasingly, talent-management savvy employers recognize the potential of telecommuting to provide them with a competitive edge ( whether it’s for global teams, attracting talent to high cost-of-living areas or retaining legacy knowledge. Widespread as telecommuting has become, you still need to get a handle on the nitty-gritty practical knowledge about what makes telecommuting tick (or tank): Is telecommuting cost effective? How does it really work? What separates telecommuting winners from losers? What counter-intuitive habit is crucial for robust remote teams? When [...]

Telecommuting – should you or shouldn’t you?

Telecommuting – should you or shouldn’t you? Telecommuting, good for companies and good for employees Wondering what all the fuss over telecommuting is all about? How big is it — really (and why)? What’s in it for you? Why should — or shouldn’t — you consider telecommuting for yourself or your company? Telecommuting - the Debate Is Hot & Getting Hotter Recent telecommuting snippets and statistics are rife with contradictions…. "Telecommuting Grows 159%." IBM insists, “Everyone in this marketing group must live in one place." "Yahoo reverses its telecommuting policy…." Telecommuting — Some Basic Facts Whether [...]

Could Humor Be Your Key to Success?

Could Humor Be Your Key to Success? Could humor be your key to success? If the best part of your job is that the chair swivels… sadly, you’re probably not alone. We’re an overly serious lot when it comes to work.  According research noted in Harvard Business Review  The average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day, the average 40-year-old — only 4! Far less during the week than on weekends Yet the downside to this dearth of happiness is no laughing matter.  Seriously, good fun at work is good for business. Funny Business?  No Joke [...]

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent The Gallop Job Creation Report released February 1, 2017 reveals that job creation was up +34 in January 2017.  The report further claims job creation has been in a steady upward trend since May 2016.  None of us in corporate America needed the report to tell us what we already know – companies are growing and desperately in need of new employees to handle the increased workload The market has shifted and in this growing, increasingly more complex and competitive market, doing what you’ve done before no longer works. Supply and demand applies as much to employees as [...]

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Talent Keepers

How to keep the good ones Hint: In the IT Industry, it’s not about the money! Talent Retention During the heady days of the .com boom, tech talent retention escalated to previously unseen levels.  Employees were offered huge retention bonuses, big screen TVs, computers, even cars were given away in huge numbers.  Salaries were adjusted up not just once or even twice a year, but sometimes quarterly and even monthly.   Remember those days? Today we are rebounding from the worst economic crisis in recent history.  As the economy heats up and we re-enter a candidate-driven market, [...]

I Quit!

Are YOUR employees happy? Employee Preparing to Quit In the IT Industry if you’re paying attention, it should never come as a surprise that a key employee leaves. Most employees who are thinking of leaving will tip their hand in one way or another. Here are some telltale signs. Noticeable change in attitude. If an active and involved employee becomes passive and uncaring it may mean that the employee figures it’s a waste of time and energy to make waves. Sharp increase in personal phone calls. They may be making arrangements for interviews or conducting telephone interviews. Less [...]