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Guest Post: Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language?

Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language? Guest Post: By Joy Overstreet, Portland’s personal color analyst Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language? Try this quick thought experiment: think of the color red. What adjectives, associations or symbols come to mind when you think of red? Did you think of passion, courage, valentines, anger, blood, energy, a politician’s tie? No doubt you came up with other associations as well. Why does color matter to someone seeking career advancement? Color matters because human beings respond strongly to color, though usually it’s at a subconscious level. The good news is [...]

Is Your Resume Recruiter Friendly?

It’s no secret that your resume is your most important professional document, and the key to your career success.  A good resume opens doors for you.  A not-so-good resume will keep you out of the game entirely. But how do you to stand out in a sea of qualified applicants and catch the attention of a recruiter, headhunter or other human resources? Is my resume recruiter friendly? What's the Recruiter Friendly Test and will your resume pass? A recruiter's job is to identify, attract and land the best talent available for their clients and companies.  Headhunters* are under pressure [...]

Networking for Introverts: Paradox Not Oxymoron

Networking for Introverts: Paradox Not Oxymoron We’ve discussed that networking is critical to one’s professional success (Network Whether You Want To Or Not), but for some of us, the mere thought of entering a room full of strangers makes our stomach turn, our head hurt, and leads to a strong desire to run home to be alone with our thoughts.  If this sounds even a little bit like you, you’re not alone.  You’re not doomed to professional failure.  Research shows 30 to 50% of the population has introverted tendencies and you’re probably somewhere in that percentage of the population. The good [...]

Are You Ready for Your Job Interview?

Newsflash Are you ready for your job interview? The demand for top talent will remain high throughout the remainder of the year. “The consensus is recruiters, hiring managers and small businesses are gearing up for a robust second half of 2014” reports Matt Krumrie in a recent ZipRecruiter post. This is great news for job seekers, especially if your goal is to find your dream job this year. Assuming your qualifications land you an interview, how do you clinch the deal? The candidates who get the most job-offers are the ones who are the best prepared. When you [...]

Are Cover Letters… Hot? Not?

Congratulations! You've done due diligence and found the perfect job opening to fit your spectacular skill set and professional passion. Do I need to do a cover letter, too? If you're like most job seekers, your next step is to fill in the on-line job application, and cut and paste your rock star resume into place. Before you hit "submit" you might wonder, (Do I need a cover letter, too?)

7 Toughest Interview Questions 

Tough questions. Winning answers. Practice, perform, repeat, until the offer is yours. And How to Answer them... 1. What salary are you looking for? Always cite a realistic salary. Look the interviewer in the eye, state the number and stop talking.  Never lie about your current salary. Some companies include salary verification as a part of their standard background checks.  If the number you cite is different from the one they discover, your credibility is shot and so are your chances for the position.   If you believe you are underpaid and therefore looking for a sizable pay increase, [...]