About Connie Dorigan

Director of Recruiting, Food Processing

The love of food comes naturally to Connie. With a dad who grew up on a dairy farm and a mom who read cookbooks like novels, she understood at an early age the unifying power of food.

While she sliced produce like cucumbers and onions for her dad’s canning obsession, she’d pepper him with questions about it all. This has become a lasting trait, with many candidates saying to her, “I’ve never been asked so many questions from a recruiter before!”

But that’s because she cares deeply about her work. Her persistent curiosity about what makes a person exactly and uniquely them means she has a knack for identifying and finding them the perfect fit.

The human condition is something she’s always been fascinated with. Educated in social work and psychology and recruiting for over 30 years, she applies her love for people and greater understanding of the “business of business” to build her network of genuinely good, dedicated, and skilled contacts.

The thing that’s kept her building that list is that she sees the difference between transactional hiring and strategic hiring. It’s not just a placement. To her, each placement means she has the chance to change a life for the better. To make a real, lasting difference.

And by focusing on food processing, and the revolution of changing how we eat, she gets to be part of an exciting industry that gets back to her roots, where good food and good people are always connected.

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