Are we finally ready to end racism?

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Is It Too Late to Say Something About George Floyd? Curfews are over and the media is finally beginning to cover events besides George Floyd and coronavirus. The real effort to make real and sustainable change is in its infancy. Beyond the headlines and the demonstrations is the time for many of us to pull back from the frontline to reflect, self-examine and educate before making changes and going public with them. Systemic racism is not a news cycle issue—it’s a human rights issue. This is not something we can change easily or overnight. In Obama’s words, “This is a marathon, not a sprint “ How did we get here? George Floyd’s Death: A World-Wide Catalyst Most of us know the story by now … On May 25, 2020, George Floyd pleaded for release, gasping "I can't breathe" as a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck and pinned Floyd [...]

Lazy co-worker making you crazy?

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There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than having to work late and miss your kid’s game, birthday or recital or maybe even something simple like making it home for dinner at a decent hour on a fairly regular basis, because your teammate is not pulling their own weight.  Every office or team seems to have at least one. The problem is bigger than most people realize and may account for an unrealized amount of workplace stress and dissatisfaction. According to research 93% of the people who work on a team do so with at least one team member not doing their share of the work!  Now that’s astonishing. What’s even more astonishing is that according to that same research, only 1 in 10 has confronted the under-performing, lazy co-worker!   But why?  Why would so many people just let the issue fester and slide?  The answer is that most believe [...]