Cover Letters – A necessary evil?

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Do you even need a cover letter? From the perspective of HR and hiring managers, cover letters can elevate a candidate who would’ve otherwise been ignored into the running — or — they are a complete waste of time. Bottom line – if your industry relies on cover letters, if you have extenuating circumstances you need to explain to boost your candidacy, if the application instructions request a cover letter, or you simply want to cover your bases – because 50% of resume readers rely on them and 50% don’t – Write a Cover Letter. Let’s say you’ve decided to write a “killer” cover letter, but you don’t know where to begin, what to include, or what to say so your letter stands out enough to capture the hiring team’s attention — if it’s actually read. Tips for a good Cover Letter What makes a cover letter stand out? Here’s [...]

Job hunting on LinkedIn? Get caught by recruiters—not your boss

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Your LinkedIn profile is the cornerstone of who you are as a professional. It’s your public platform for informing your professional community about your education, skills and accomplishments. LinkedIn offers you the opportunity (if you take advantage of it) to network with and become visible to the most influential people in your industry. LinkedIn is also the go-to resource for most recruiters looking for talent to fill their open job requisitions. If you are employed and open to job opportunities, you may wonder what you can do with your LinkedIn profile to make sure you attract recruiter attention without alerting your current boss. The best time to land a better job is when you are still employed. With a little know-how, you can accomplish both stealth and success in your job search. What You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s “Recruiter” Setting You might have heard there’s a LinkedIn setting that [...]

How Coachable Are You?

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Who, exactly, seeks out a coach? . . . Winners who want even more out of life—Chicago Tribune  In this era of job insecurity, you may consider hiring a coach. Is the investment in coaching worth it? More to the point, how coachable are you, specifically?  What is coaching? Coaching is a professional service to help individuals achieve their personal or professional goals and objectives. is a collaborative partnership built on taking action. Provides clients with feedback, insight and guidance from a third-party objective perspective. What a coach isn’t A coach is not a therapist or mental health professional and does not provide mental health services. A coach may be friendly, but their role is not to provide emotional support or coddle their clients. A coach will expect clients to seek their own personal support by relying on friends, family and their own inner strength. When to reach out to [...]