Cover Letters – A necessary evil?

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Do you even need a cover letter? From the perspective of HR and hiring managers, cover letters can elevate a candidate who would’ve otherwise been ignored into the running — or — they are a complete waste of time. Bottom line – if your industry relies on cover letters, if you have extenuating circumstances you need to explain to boost your candidacy, if the application instructions request a cover letter, or you simply want to cover your bases – because 50% of resume readers rely on them and 50% don’t – Write a Cover Letter. Let’s say you’ve decided to write a “killer” cover letter, but you don’t know where to begin, what to include, or what to say so your letter stands out enough to capture the hiring team’s attention — if it’s actually read. Tips for a good Cover Letter What makes a cover letter stand out? Here’s [...]

Are Cover Letters… Hot? Not?

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Congratulations! You've done due diligence and found the perfect job opening to fit your spectacular skill set and professional passion. If you're like most job seekers, your next step is to fill in the on-line job application, and cut and paste your rock star resume into place. Before you hit "submit" you might wonder, "Do I need to do a cover letter, too?" Whether the application process calls for a cover letter or not, realistically are cover letters nothing more than a quaint notion, gone the way of paper applications, rotary phones and buggy whips? Are cover letters worth your time, and, more importantly, the time of those considering your candidacy? Here's what hiring managers and recruiters across a variety of industries said when queried about the importance of cover letters.... Who Cares About Covers Letters? (And Who Doesn't) About half the recruiters (internal and external/agencies) and hiring managers (regardless of [...]