Coaching Conversations
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You’re facing something in your career that you need help resolving. It’s more than you can figure out on your own, and it’s specific to your situation.

I can help you:

  • Find answers and action steps to take.
  • Navigate tricky professional situations from an unbiased perspective.
  • Feel empowered to move forward with confidence.
Coaching Conversations

Coaching Conversations Packages

Quick Consult (20-minute session)

Option 1 includes

  • Career-related topic is completely up to you. Possible scenarios:
  • A coworker is bulldozing you in meetings
  • You’ve lost your ambition
  • You have a conflict with your boss
  • You have questions about work-life balance
  • You’re thinking about changing jobs and don’t know where to start
  • You just had an interview question that stumped you, and you’d like to handle it better next time
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Professional (50-minute session)

Option 2 includes

  • Everything in the Quick Consult package, plus:
  • A more in-depth discussion about your topic
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Deep Dive (2-sessions)

Option 3 includes

  • Everything in Professional package, plus:
  • A second session with additional counsel
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