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Are you working through “beach envy”?

Are you working through “beach envy”? Beat Summertime Blues! 5 Productivity Tips After a long, cold winter, followed by a slow spring, summertime finally arrived!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, when the sun shines so brightly, it’s hard to resist its sweet song and instead settle down to do desk-bound work.  Worse - it seems that the rest of the world is vacationing at the beach. Your mind starts to wander. You can’t pull yourself away from your social media feeds. Before you know it, the morning is gone and you haven’t done half of the work you set out to do. [...]

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent The Gallop Job Creation Report released February 1, 2017 reveals that job creation was up +34 in January 2017.  The report further claims job creation has been in a steady upward trend since May 2016.  None of us in corporate America needed the report to tell us what we already know – companies are growing and desperately in need of new employees to handle the increased workload The market has shifted and in this growing, increasingly more complex and competitive market, doing what you’ve done before no longer works. Supply and demand applies as much to employees as [...]

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7 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Submitted by Guest Blogger,  Rick Christensen / Career Consultant For over 25 years one of the most respected business texts has been The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.  I wondered if these same principles could be applied to job search.  So I took Dr. Covey’s list and applied them to the modern job search process. Be proactive – The passive approach of online search, sitting at a computer and clicking the apply button doesn’t pay off enough to warrant spending more than an hour a day. Job search is a contact sport, you have to find ways to connect with those [...]

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Finders, Keepers: Find a Recruiter in your Niche

Find a Recruiter in your Niche and Hang onto Them. Find a Recruiter in Your Niche and Hang On According to statistics, at least 80% of all jobs are never advertised.  Ironically, those job openings exist in a mysterious no-man's land we in the placement industry call... the "Hidden Job Market".  These positions do not become part of the public domain because they are not posted on company websites, job boards, trade publications or social media venues. Wondering how to tap into the "Hidden Job Market"?  ( on to find out more...)

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Are You Using Social Media Illegally?

Are you using Social Media illegally? Are you using social media illegally?” Has Social Media "TMI" Illegally Biased Your Company Hiring Process? Does this question make you nervous? If you're one of the 91% of hiring professionals using social media in your hiring process, it should. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more... social media can provide companies with a treasure trove of "TMI" (too much information) previously unavailable background data about prospective candidates. More and more hiring managers admit they check out a candidate's social media profile at some point during the hiring process. Who wouldn't? There's lots of [...]

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Crazy Superstar Snagging Perk: Unlimited Vacation

Newsflash The New Tech Perk - Unlimited Vacation Tech companies don't want to hear about health care, 401(k), and life insurance. "Those are commodity benefits," says Vincent Antonelli, a senior benefits consultant with Towers Watson. Enticing top tech talent to your company just became more interesting and competitive. Most employees would be happy with two weeks vacation and basic healthcare coverage. Yet now, in an effort to attract the best talent many tech companies are now offering unlimited vacation to their list of new and unusual perks. Other perks? Errand running, organic catered lunches, yoga classes, on-site doctors, [...]

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The Unfair Advantage to Hiring the Candidate Your Competition Wants

Hiring the Candidate Your Competition Wants Just can't get good help anymore? These are my top 10 secrets revealed for finding and hiring the best talent. 1.) Prepare a well-written job description that clearly states job duties, requisite skills, education and background. Include a pitch about the company and career growth opportunities (WIIFT or What's In It for Them). 2.) Define the hiring process, all steps delineated from posting the position to the day the new hire walks in your door. Compress the process as much as possible. Time kills all deals. 3.) Compile a list of sources...where [...]

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Hiring? No Recruiter Required.

When does it make (or not make) strategic business sense to hire an External Recruiter?  That’s the question on many of our client’s minds these days, now that hiring is heating up.  To answer that question we spoke to a number of our clients, Human Resource Executives, a Vice President at a well-known out-placement/consulting firm and finally, a nationally recognized economist and columnist for This is the culmination of a three-part series based on that analysis. IT Superstar Hiring? Recruiter Required. I:  Who’s on Top Now: 6 Hot Hiring Trends II:  Wooing Technology Talent’s Different: How’s Hiring [...]

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Wooing Technology Talent’s Different

IT Tech Recruiting, Recruiter Required Wooing technology talent is different.  Overall, most employers are still behaving as if they’re in the driver’s seat.  Yet, while last month’s Condor Report (Today’s 6 Hot Hiring Trends:  Who’s On Top Now?) revealed, in general, that only a small percentage of companies use recruiters for hiring, the fact is that high tech’s different.  The time was ripe for much more than third party research. Thanks to probing personal conversations with savvy tech hiring managers (whose identities are withheld for brevity and privacy’s sake) I’m able to share their candid, powerful hiring [...]

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6 Hot Hiring Trends – Who’s on Top Now?

Contrary to employment doom-and-gloom headlines, these six trends might shake you from your same-old-hiring-process lethargy. 6 Hot Hiring Trends IT Trend: Demand Outstrips Supply. Job growth is on a steady increase, according to Forbes columnist, Bill Conerly, Job Outlook 2013-2014.  Tech Jobs are up over 30% from a year ago reveals a September 2013 US Employment Outlook report from Simply Hired. Unemployment rates have dropped significantly from a high of 10% in October of 2010 to 7.3% in August of 2013, as recently reported by  Simply Hired, Get Strategic! How to use Data in Recruiting. Job postings in August [...]

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Talent Keepers

How to keep the good ones Hint: In the IT Industry, it’s not about the money! Talent Retention During the heady days of the .com boom, tech talent retention escalated to previously unseen levels.  Employees were offered huge retention bonuses, big screen TVs, computers, even cars were given away in huge numbers.  Salaries were adjusted up not just once or even twice a year, but sometimes quarterly and even monthly.   Remember those days? Today we are rebounding from the worst economic crisis in recent history.  As the economy heats up and we re-enter a candidate-driven market, [...]