Dorigan + Associates specializes in locating exceptional performers for the software and food industry. Our clients range from large publicly traded corporations to midsize and venture funded organizations. Read More

Hear What Clients Are Saying

“Connie Dorigan is an excellent “Matchmaker”. She matches candidates and hiring managers with lots of TLC (Tender Loving Care).  Connie has great communications and an excellent pool of candidates that she can draw from.” ~John Chen, VP Engineering Reactrix “Since 1995, I’ve been successfully working with Connie Dorigan and her associates to fill QA positions at large corporations such as Macromedia and small start-ups such as VXtreme (which was bought by Microsoft).”

~Alex Beyk, Founder


Dorigan + Associates places talented people in positions ranging from senior individual contributors to the executive level in emerging software technology and the food industry.  Read More

 Hear What Candidates Are Saying

“I’m impressed by your ways of working out every piece of relevant detail between the managers and the candidates to ensure that everyone is happy.” ~Sara “Your methods of dealing with people calling and personally introducing yourself are superior to the cold-call emails I get in response to a resume posting.”


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