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Guest Post: Do You Speak Color’s Secret Language?

By Joy Overstreet, Portland’s personal color analyst

Try this quick thought experiment: think of the color red.
What adjectives, associations or symbols come to mind when you think of red?

Did you think of passion, courage, valentines, anger, blood, energy, a politician’s tie? No doubt you came up with other associations as well.
Why does color matter to someone seeking career advancement?
Color matters because human beings respond strongly to color, though usually it’s at a subconscious level. The good news is that if you understand the psychological power of color you can communicate very particular messages in your choice of clothes.

Advertisers do this […]

Could Humor Be Your Key to Success?

If the best part of your job is that the chair swivels… sadly, you’re probably not alone.

We’re an overly serious lot when it comes to work.  According research noted in Harvard Business Review http://bit.ly/1Nav9r5 

The average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day, the average 40-year-old — only 4! http://bit.ly/1uIEd2u

Far less during the week than on weekends

Yet the downside to this dearth of happiness is no laughing matter.  Seriously, good fun at work is good for business.
Funny Business?  No Joke
Here are some salient stats.

Humor gets hired. 98% of 737 CEOs surveyed preferred job candidates with a sense of […]

Review Disaster to Career Turnaround

Is it possible to believe you’re making all the right moves at work, while in reality you’re at best treading water while your career’s stalling out?
One Woman’s Illuminating Career Transformation
A query for a recent post about “Terrible, No-good, Bad Boss Survival Strategies” prompted this inspiring career turnaround story from Megan Bigelow, President & Co-Founder, PDX Women in Tech. 

She recalled this painful experience….

“After asking my boss for two years for a discussion about how to take my career to the next level, she did — on her last day with the company. She chose to do so during my annual […]

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The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Today’s Top Talent

The Gallop Job Creation Report released February 1, 2017 reveals that job creation was up +34 in January 2017.  The report further claims job creation has been in a steady upward trend since May 2016.  None of us in corporate America needed the report to tell us what we already know – companies are growing and desperately in need of new employees to handle the increased workload

The market has shifted and in this growing, increasingly more complex and competitive market, doing what you’ve done before no longer works. Supply and demand applies as much to employees as it does to markets.  Current employees are getting as choosy as new hires.

What does […]

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What 2017’s Hot Job Market Means to You

By now you’ve read articles like this (Glassdoor 2017 Job Trends) and this (40% of employers plan to hire full-time permanent employees in 2017). Bottom line — the hiring outlook for 2017 is the best it’s been in a decade, in most cases, across the board.

What does that mean to you going forward? Considering a new job with better advancement and more money? Wondering if you should?
You Are In the Driver Seat

Wage gains are finally outstripping inflation after a long period of flat to weak wage increases. For big the picture, and the stats in your area, check out […]

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7 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Submitted by Guest Blogger,  Rick Christensen / Career Consultant

For over 25 years one of the most respected business texts has been The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.  I wondered if these same principles could be applied to job search.  So I took Dr. Covey’s list and applied them to the modern job search process.

Be proactive – The passive approach of online search, sitting at a computer and clicking the apply button doesn’t pay off enough to warrant spending more than an hour a day. Job search is a contact sport, you have to find ways to connect with those who […]

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Greatest Weakness? Smart Honest Answers!

“What is your greatest weakness?” question comes up in just about every interview. Tempted to give a cliché answer? Don’t. You run the risk of losing out on your dream job before the interview is over.
The Question is Such a Cliché. Why Do Interviewers Ask It? 

There actually are many good reasons interviewers ask that question. The question is not asked to trip you up, but to make sure you are the right person for the job. Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake all employers want to avoid. By asking the weakness question prospective employers are assessing your:

Stress […]

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Do You Need to Quit?

Terrible, No-good, Bad Boss Survival Strategies

Do You Need to Quit?
Are you in need of bad boss survival strategies? Half of us quit our job because we didn’t get along with our boss, according to a 2015 Gallup Poll. As veteran recruiter, Gallup supports my observations — bad bosses are the number one reason why otherwise happy employees leave their job.

Got a boss from hell, and wondering if you should stay or go?

To get an answer to that burning question I recently took a poll from the trenches of the workplace. These true stories offer seven different options on how […]

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  • Are you over-sharing your political views.

Are you over-sharing your political views?

Who will lead our county in the not-too-distant future is a hot topic. Maybe too hot!

Politics are a divisive topic, especially these days with partisanship at an all-time high. Thus, when engaging in political workplace debates, generally you’ll find you have nothing to gain, but everything to lose. Why?

If you disagree, whether you “win” the debate or not, you may well find yourself sacrificing your working relationship.
The reality is, you’re unlikely to change anyone’s mind. Those with strong opinions are rarely interested in being confused by the (contrary) facts, which are often bent more acutely than your average […]

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Need superstar attracting job descriptions?

Need superstar attracting job descriptions?

Writing a job description is not a core competency most hiring managers possess. Typically job descriptions are created with little forethought and as quickly as possible. Understandable, given today’s fast-paced work environment, but the consequences are painful.  […]

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  • Are You Afraid to Deal with Workplace Conflict?

Are You Afraid to Deal with Workplace Conflict?

Are You Afraid to Deal with Workplace Conflict?

Did you know the typical manager spends 25-40% of their time dealing with workplace conflict? That’s up to two days a week of manager’s time, according to a Washington Business Journal report.

When this insidious productivity killer runs amok, its sneaky, underlying destructiveness can be as carefully hidden as “Game of Thrones” backroom machinations.  Typically, by the time workplace conflict is observed and addressed, too late – if it’s ever addressed at all.

Conflict is not always bad; sometimes it’s […]

  • What are your compensation expectations.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Interviewing? What are your salary expectations.
Interviewing?  Get the Salary You Deserve. 
The interview’s just about over.  You’ve done well, you think.  Your heartbeat’s slowly returning to normal.  Your interviewer’s glanced at their watch, and is packing up their notes.  You follow their cue.

They pause, cock their head, look you straight in the eye while at the same time feigning a casual approach.  You know what’s coming next.  It’s that dreaded, seemingly innocent but in reality often a final make-or-break question.…

“What are your salary expectations for this job?” […]