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Employers in the Food Processing Industry

Are you an employer in the food processing industry?  Are you located in California, Oregon or Washington but perhaps with national or global operations? Are you looking for a top recruiting firm (aka employment agency, staffing firm, headhunter, or retained search firm)? If yes then you’ve come to the right place!  Dorigan & Associates is an executive recruitment agency which specializes in recruiting talented individuals for food processing companies.  We help match your job postings with highly qualified job seekers quickly and efficiently. We attract experienced and qualified personnel from VP’s to managers, directors, engineers and more. Hire us on a retained, contingency or contract basis.

Food Processing Industry Employers looking for an Executive Recruiter

Based in Portland, Oregon Dorigan & Associates’ client list of food processing companies includes Smithfield and Basic American Foods Corporation among others.  During the past ten years we have built a national and international reputation as a top talent recruiter in our targeted markets. The added value we offer our clients includes an extensive hiring experience with the food processing industry, a large network base, a thorough knowledge of technical language and emerging industry trends. Additionally, employers (you) and job seekers alike have direct access to the extensive experience and guidance of an executive recruiter who understands the hiring needs and challenges of the food processing industry.

Dorigan & Associates seeks out and maintains relationships with talented professionals looking for job placements. Job applicants throughout the United States are pre-screened for the position to be filled saving you time and money. We know that a job applicant’s compatibility with your company’s values and corporate culture is important for a successful hire. We are proud to say that the retention rate of job seekers with our hiring companies is very high. Learn more about Dorigan & Associates here.

Maximize your productivity and get access to top talent. Contact us at 503-635-8565 today to see how we can best meet your hiring needs and fill your job postings!

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