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Could Humor Be Your Key to Success?

If the best part of your job is that the chair swivels… sadly, you’re probably not alone.

We’re an overly serious lot when it comes to work.  According research noted in Harvard Business Review 

The average 4-year-old laughs 300 times a day, the average 40-year-old — only 4!

Far less during the week than on weekends

Yet the downside to this dearth of happiness is no laughing matter.  Seriously, good fun at work is good for business.
Funny Business?  No Joke
Here are some salient stats.

Humor gets hired. 98% of 737 CEOs surveyed preferred job candidates with a sense of […]

Need superstar attracting job descriptions?

Need superstar attracting job descriptions?

Writing a job description is not a core competency most hiring managers possess. Typically job descriptions are created with little forethought and as quickly as possible. Understandable, given today’s fast-paced work environment, but the consequences are painful.  […]

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  • Are You Afraid to Deal with Workplace Conflict?

Are You Afraid to Deal with Workplace Conflict?

Are You Afraid to Deal with Workplace Conflict?

Did you know the typical manager spends 25-40% of their time dealing with workplace conflict? That’s up to two days a week of manager’s time, according to a Washington Business Journal report.

When this insidious productivity killer runs amok, its sneaky, underlying destructiveness can be as carefully hidden as “Game of Thrones” backroom machinations.  Typically, by the time workplace conflict is observed and addressed, too late – if it’s ever addressed at all.

Conflict is not always bad; sometimes it’s […]

What Do Reference Checks Really Reveal?

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?
What do reference checks really reveal?

After what seems like an eternity, at last you’ve found the perfect candidate.  The whole interviewing team is on board.  Your hiring approval is granted and you’re about to make an offer.

It’s almost too good to be true.

Maybe it is.

That’s where reference checks come in.

Even if your company policy doesn’t require a reference check

Do it anyway.
Every time.
The same way.
With every candidate.
With complete, documented results.

After all, would you rather find out your star candidate isn’t everything they seemed to be before or after you hire them?

Finding “dirt” on a candidate is only part of the reason reference checks are valuable.  […]

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Marijuana @ Work. What you need to know. 

Recreational pot smoking is now legal in four states in the US. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 23 (and counting) states. The trend seems clear – if medical and/or recreational marijuana is not currently legal in your state, it’s likely to become so in the relatively near future.

But what does that mean for employers and employees in those states?

Is it a free-for-all?  Can you legally smoke or consume marijuana, more commonly referred to as “pot” any place, any time?  What are employee “rights”? Are employers now required to hire and retain employees even when they test positive for marijuana? […]

Wooing Technology Talent’s Different

IT Tech Recruiting, Recruiter Required

Wooing technology talent is different.  Overall, most employers are still behaving as if they’re in the driver’s seat.  Yet, while last month’s Condor Report (Today’s 6 Hot Hiring Trends:  Who’s On Top Now?) revealed, in general, that only a small percentage of companies use recruiters for hiring, the fact is that high tech’s different.  The time was ripe for much more than third party research.

Thanks to probing personal conversations with savvy tech hiring managers (whose identities are withheld for brevity and privacy’s sake) I’m able to share their candid, powerful hiring insights.

Spoiler alert — As I suspected, my more personal, targeted survey confirms that technology hiring is indeed different. Are recruiters more the norm or more the exception? It depends.

Consistently, there’s an interesting divergence in the hiring process — two hiring tracks:

“Easy hires” — less senior or those whose skills are more a commodity than a competitive advantage.
“Game changers” –- possessing senior level or special technical skills

Depending on the track, hiring strategies vary. How?

Enough teasing! It’s time to find out […]

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Talent Keepers

How to keep the good ones
Hint: In the IT Industry, it’s not about the money!
Talent Retention

During the heady days of the .com boom, tech talent retention escalated to previously unseen levels.  Employees were offered huge retention bonuses, big screen TVs, computers, even cars were given away in huge numbers.  Salaries were adjusted up not just once or even twice a year, but sometimes quarterly and even monthly.  

Remember those days?

Today we are rebounding from the worst economic crisis in recent history.  As the economy heats up and we re-enter a candidate-driven market, will we see a return of the types of retention efforts that we saw in then?  Time will tell.

“Back then” in 2000, smart companies learned compensation alone would not retain their best talent.   Smart companies (and smart managers) can, should and are proactively taking heed now, creating retention programs around the Three C’s: […]

I Quit!

Are YOUR employees happy?
Employee Preparing to Quit

In the IT Industry if you’re paying attention, it should never come as a surprise that a key employee leaves. Most employees who are thinking of leaving will tip their hand in one way or another. Here are some telltale signs.

Noticeable change in attitude.
If an active and involved employee becomes passive and uncaring it may mean that the employee figures it’s a waste of time and energy to make waves.
Sharp increase in personal phone calls. They may be making arrangements for interviews or conducting telephone interviews.
Less communication with management. Employees thinking of leaving want to avoid the boss and want to be less visible.
Change in vacation pattern or schedule. Employees often ask for vacation schedules to be pushed up so that they can follow up on job leads or to take a vacation before they leave.
Longer lunch breaks or more frequent absenteeism. They may be out interviewing.
Noticeable improvement in […]