Recruiters and hiring managers are very busy people these days. They spend 20 seconds or less scanning LinkedIn profiles to determine if you are a prospect that is worth further attention.

You could have the most amazing LinkedIn profile out there but if no one can find you, you will be overlooked and ignored.

So what’s the key to being found?

It’s your headline, your 120-character hook to being found and the single most important part of your LinkedIn profile.

To develop a LinkedIn headline that creates the most visibility for you you’ll need to think like a recruiter or hiring manager. Your headline should be about what you do not who you are or even the title that shows up on your business card. Recruiters and hiring managers have jobs to fill. The jobs have specific titles and the descriptions include specific key words.

Check out a job board or two, search for jobs that may be of interest to you. Notice what job titles attract your attention and best describes your work. Use that job title in your headline. You’ll need to be realistic and only use job titles for positions that you are qualified to do. Refrain from using clever titles such as “Savvy, Business Executive” or “Ninja” this or that.

Read several job descriptions and identify the words that appear repeatedly. Work keywords into your headline then add additional keywords and repeat them through out your summary and the rest of your profile.

It’s as simple as that.

The One Thing that Improves Your LinkedIn Profile

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